A holistic approach to supporting your working parents’ well-being

A holistic approach to supporting your working parents’ well-being

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A benefit that provides tangible value to the employee and employer

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We start by supporting forward-thinking employers like you.

Villyge lives at the intersection of work, home and career. The services we provide you result in significant savings, and directly impact the lives of your working parents.

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Parent-friendly initiatives increase DE&I by encouraging retention and expanding the talent pool.

14% of women have considered quitting their jobs since COVID-19 due to family demands and caregiving responsibilities. They are overwhelmed and need workplace support.

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Working moms and working dads are struggling.

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A generous leave policy only begins to tackle the issue.


of working moms say they cannot advance in their career and feel successful as a parent


of working dads say there isn’t enough support for fathers in the workplace


of working parents say caregiving affects their productivity at work

It’s the support employers provide before and after leave that truly impacts the ROI of paid leave.

The costs of not supporting your working parents are already impacting your bottom line. 

Our comprehensive support services will change that and make you look like a superstar.



of an employee’s salary



of an employee’s salary


In the last decade, breastfeeding discrimination lawsuits rose 800% and pregnancy discrimination lawsuits rose 315%. This costs employers millions in legal and settlement fees, and immeasurable bad press.

Annually, we saved our average client over


How much will your company save with Villyge? Get your complimentary report today.

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With a focus on the return-to-work, we support working parenthood from pre-conception to college.

And YES, we have global capabilities!

We proudly serve parents working abroad, and are able to offer global support in English, Spanish and Hebrew.

“Villyge is among the most impactful benefits we offer our employees. Since engaging Villyge, our retention rate following family leave has been superb. Employers must stand out. Villyge helps us attract and retain top talent by providing demonstrable proof that we support women and work-life balance. This has been a total homerun.”

Chief Operating Officer


“My OB seems to have completely surrendered all responsibility when it comes to breastfeeding related things. And the pediatrician doesn't want responsibility there either. It's a weird gap in health care. Thank goodness I have Villyge to ask!”

Working Mom


“I wish I would have had this resource with my first child! The second time around we definitely feel more prepared but having Villyge available when we’re at a loss for what to do next is really reassuring. ”

Second Time Dad


“The feedback has been excellent! One mom came and hugged me when she told me how great Villyge is! It has been the perfect solution.”

Head of HR

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A comprehensive workplace solution that makes working parenthood work