Corporate lactation support services, a necessity for personal and professional success

Corporate lactation support services, a necessity for personal and professional success

The authoritative experts in lactation accommodation law and mother’s room planning

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Legal compliance is complicated, but our in-house team of legal experts makes it easy.

To reduce legal liability, we conduct lactation room audits and policy reviews to ensure employers keep pace with the rapidly evolving federal, state and local lactation accommodation laws.

The leaders in corporate lactation since 2013

From creating the ideal mother’s room design with dedicated equipment rentals to drafting legally compliant written lactation accommodation policies, we do it all.



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Don’t wing it! Breastfeeding discrimination lawsuits rose


in 10 years.

Companies can no longer afford to ignore the physical needs and legal rights of their breastfeeding employees. In addition to the associated legal costs, the bad press is immeasurable.

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“Comprehensive lactation support programs yield a 300% ROI for employers.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics

less sick days for baby

less sick days for mom

less pediatrician visits for baby

less doctor visits for mom

more healthcare savings for the employer!

Case Study

The insurance company CIGNA conducted a 2-year study of 343 employees who participated in their lactation support program and found that the program resulted in an annual savings of $240,000 in health care expenses, 62% fewer prescriptions, and $60,000 savings in reduced absenteeism rates.

Lactation room setups that are legally compliant, appeal to mom and boost productivity!

Platinum 600

Because we know time is money and health safety is critical…

We stock lactation rooms with the Ameda Platinum hospital-grade breast pump. It is the most efficient (and fastest) pump on the market, safeguarding mom’s milk supply and protecting multiple-users from cross-contamination.

Save mom one hour every day!

The Platinum allows mom to pump more milk in less time compared to a personal use pump, and results in less break time and more work time. Now, that’s priceless!

For the average mom who pumps 3x per day


off each pumping session



saved time per day


Companies cannot afford to take risks.

Our pumping kits feature the world’s only FDA-approved viral-barrier, protecting mom’s milk (and therefore baby) from bacteria, viruses and mold. Our offerings also include dedicated breastmilk storage refrigerators with individual lockers that keep mom’s milk secure.

Ship Breastmilk Home for Baby

Business travel and working parenthood is tough enough. Our breastmilk shipping boxes keep breastmilk cold for 92 hours, and are seven times more powerful than gel packs or dry ice. TSA doesn’t make it easy to tote and carry. Give your employees the option of breastmilk shipping. Includes lactation support.


Hey breastfeeding moms!

To pump up the mother’s room at your company, share the facts and details with HR.

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Being responsive to the needs of breastfeeding mothers is good business.

Return-to-work is the #1 reason breastfeeding moms stop breastfeeding, creating significant work-life conflict. Helping working parents achieve their breastfeeding goals, increases retention, drives DE&I and improves your bottom line.

Ensure your breastfeeding employees have the support they need!

Keep your business thriving and their babies safely fed.